Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes For Kids

Costumes from famous people are not only popular, they are fairly easy to put together. The best way to dress your kids in a famous person costume is to go with the outfit the famous person is most noted for. For instance you can dress up as Waldo from the where’s Waldo books by putting on a striped red/white shirt with blue pants and a red and white stocking cap.

Use the cheap palette make-up to add a pink upside-down triangle for the nose. You can make the whiskers in the color to match your child’s outfit. For an added expense, you can use the color spray to lightly color your child’s hair in the matching color of the cat outfit if desired.

What if your kid wants to go as somebody scary? Well, you could dress them up as Dracula, a clown, or a devil. Shopping malls also have Halloween masks and supplies which you could use to assemble the whole look. You could get plastic fangs, a colorful and bushy wig, or a fork if your child decides to go as any one of those.

Aside from school activities, theatrical plays and school programs, Halloween is a perfect event where everyone can unleash their creativity, can shed inhibitions and can get creative. Aside from tricking and treating, visiting house to house to collect, candies, chocolates, sweets and money, children love the event because they can wear the fancy costumes of their choice.

This is a modified version, to allow the head to remain uncovered. Cut an opening out of the center of the sheet to allow your child’s head to poke through. Place the sheet over the child. Use a light washable marker to mark the bottom of the sheet where you will cut to prevent the sheet from dragging the ground. Have your child hold his or her arms up and out at the sides, then mark the sheet at the wrists. You will cut here as well so the child can us his or her hands. Remove the sheet. Cut the bottom in jagged edges. Cut out where the hands will come out. You can pin or sew the sides from the wrists down to prevent the clothing underneath from being seen, but leave enough opening for the hands.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are like most parents, you are noticing that most children’s costumes can cost upwards of .00 or more. Here are some costumes for kids that cost .00 or less.

Gather the necessary materials. To make a homemade baby costume for kids you’ll need a white sheet or piece of fabric, large safety pins, long johns or footie pajamas, slippers, red or pink makeup, and any baby accessories (baby bottle, pacifier, etc).

Halloween for Ricky’s NYC is a serious business. They keep a separate section for Halloween costume and dresses in one of their outlets at Tribeca and 17 temporary shops during the halloween season! At this NYC shop, you can buy naughty and innovative ideas for costumes for people of all ages! This is one shop in New York City, where you can walk out with arms full of everything you need for the Halloween night. Most popular items to sale out during Halloween’s are Michelle Obama wigs, mask and prison jumpsuit.