Spectacular Halloween Costumes For Kids

Boys can wear Power Rangers costumes in a wide range of colors, such as red, blue, yellow, green, black and white. You can make a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Halloween costume for boys by applying large white fabric diamonds to the upper torso of a colorful unitard or jumpsuit. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers costume gloves and boots should be white with small colored diamonds to match the color of the costume. Get a cheap Power Ranger mask to go with the costume and wear white gloves. Wear a white belt to make the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers costume complete.

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Some of these costumes are quite expensive while some others are sold at discounted rates. The costumes for kids and adults usually differ. Kids costumes are usually based on fairy tales and other comic and story book characters.

Think of a costume that represents something cool, something they love doing and they’re proud of. So maybe Ryan is into basketball, and Susie loves skating, and George’s a phenomenal cartoon illustrator. Dig through the closets, call on a few friends, who are involved in the same activity group or club, and come up with genuine costume ideas. You’re either looking for a ballerina outfit or soccer gear or a wetsuit and goggles. It might be relatively easy because you might already have most of those items at home in the activities closet.

Yee haw! What little boys haven’t played cowboy or dreamed of riding and roping? A Cowboy hat and pretend gun belt with gun can always be found at the dollar store. If your little cowpoke has a pair of boots, slide those on. Cowboys wear blue jeans and plaid shirts just like construction guys. Sew on a bit of fringe here and there if you like. Don’t forget the blue paisley bandanna for an authentic touch.

That’s right. Girls want to be cowgirls when they grow up. And besides mermaid or fairy tale, these costumes are one of the most popular among little girls. So what are the options?

Another suggestion utilizing a cardboard box is an X-ray machine. Paint a proper sized box white, cut an opening for legs and arms, paint a black rectangle on the front for the screen and the warning sign, ‘X-ray machine’. Place or paint a picture of a skeleton on the black rectangle. Dress completely in black to elevate the effect. For those making Halloween toddler costumes, outfits made from boxes could be used on a baby walker to support them.

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