Uncle Sam And Miss Liberty Costumes For Tax Day April 15, 2010

Making a quick which costume is very, very simple. The only thing you really need to purchase is the witch hat, some make-up (possible dark green for the face), and a broom made out of straw. If you child wants a cape, you can purchase a very inexpensive one or you could even use a simple black bed sheet.

Here is another economical little girl’s Halloween costume that you can easily create by spending just a few dollars. Once again, peruse your daughter’s closet for a fancy dress and black shiny shoes. Next, search your house for a small briefcase or make one by covering a small cardboard box with gray or silver wrapping paper. Then, apply a handle and a lucky number. And again, if dad wants to participate, stick him in a suit, put on a bald cap and call him Howie Mandel!

Once you’ve done this Angry birds costumes for kids, cut the cloth into the shape of the Angry bird that you want to be. Make sure that the cut shape fits your body perfectly. You can even use a newspaper as a pattern initially and then only cut the cloth once you’ve perfected the shape and size using the newspaper or pattern paper.

Black Cat Cheap Halloween costume for Kids. Start with a black outfit of any type. If your child doesn’t have black, you can make a blue cat, pink cat, whatever color of cat you want. Just be sure all the colors match in the end. If you have black, many stores have a tail/headband ears pack for less than .00. Otherwise you will have to make your own. You can buy a headband in a matching color, cut ear shapes out of colored felt sheet and attach to headband. Cut out a matching tail. You may have to attach a couple of pieces of felt together to make a long enough tail. You can get a headband, felt sheets and glue for about .00 for what you need. You may need a safety pin to attach the tail.

Baby toys: It is important for parents to choose baby toys carefully. Make sure the toys you choose are not made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic, as it can harm your child. The best way to avoid this kind of mistake is buying baby toys brands.

A flower Halloween baby costume will be simple creative costume which is simple and quick to complete. Dress up your baby in a sleeper or baby grow. Paint a green stripe down the center of the sleeper. Find some paper flowers and simply stitch them or glue them on a bonnet or cap.

Using the paintbrush or finger paint scars with stitches across the nose and cheeks using black paint and highlighting with red. Take a roll of gauze and roll around the crown of their head then under chin. Tuck in loose ends. The gauze should cover basically the head and neck, leaving the face out. I would put the child on a white t-shirt to blend it all in well. Add red paint to gauze in a few places for best mummy look!

Last but not least, the nerd costume. This is a Halloween costume that might be made out of very simple items. Your nerd will need some short pants, an old jumper, preferably a school jumper, white shirt, socks, black shoes and off course glasses fixed with tape. To achieve the nerd look, gel hair down and then add false teeth.